Granola & Cereal Boxes Cut Out

Granola & Cereal Boxes

There is a quite a movement around home made granolas.

People becoming conscious of the hidden salts and sugar in the commercial brands – as a consequence we have been involved in many startup businesses looking to sell their unique and healthier take on granolas and cereals.

Often looking for an earthy recycled feel we have access to some great materials that give the natural look and tactile packaging, in most cases we can also capture the carbon associated with these materials through our Carbon Capture scheme which is usually a key differentiator when consumers are making a buying decision.

Should you wish to print on the reverse side of the card to achieve the rough, matt feel our unique print process means we can achieve this without the need for varnishes and sealer on the substrate making the cereal boxes natural and tactile to the touch.

What ever your brand ideas may be we can design, print and finish you granola boxes in the appropriate process with minimal impact on the environment and on a short run basis all the way up to tens of thousands should you require it.

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