Die Cutting Install and Upgrade

by | 28 Mar, 2023

Thanks to the recent acquisition of Stevens Boxes to the Remous Group – we have been able to enhance our die-cutting power through the purchase of an Iberica SRA1 Die Cutting and Embossing – all 14 tonnes of it! Though not new, these style machines haven’t really changed over the years so we grabbed the opportunity at such a low-hours machine, originally installed in Spain it came to the UK 6 years ago.

So what can it do? Well, sheet size is near twice our current maximum at 650mm x 950mm and will cut 1.5mm board this is thanks to its 250 tonnes of mechanical pressure! This machine runs at twice the speed of our current die cutters plus has a stripping unit which means boxes are virtually ready to glue straight from the machine.

Installation was quite a project as it is such a leviathan but we found space, and the forklift required to lift the machine needed its own lorry as it was so heavy.






Here it is in action – running some plain boxes but a long run, so we increased the speed to see what it could handle – we ran this job nonstop beautifully for 2 days – would have been a week normally!

So what is in it for you?

  • Ability to die cut more complex designs
  • Capacity to hand both bigger and thicker substrates
  • Improved lead times/capacity
  • Less trauma to the sheet, moving from a rotary machine to flatbed/platten means your boxes don’t get bent or flexed in any way

If you have a project in mind that is a challenge (or an easy one!) Please don’t hesitate to get in touch we would love to help contact us