Gin Bottle Boxes

by | 12 Jun, 2020

Craft Gin and the artisanal industry that has grown in recent years has lead an explosion of popularity. The challenge can often be finding the supply of boxes to a standard and design that compliments your brand.

You are the expert in Gin, not packaging design! This is where we at can help! We have extensive experience in bottle boxes and we understand the requirements needed for Gin and other spirit bottle boxes. 

We can design a bespoke bottle box to fit your bottle beautifully (easy for me to say!) Cardboard engineering is carried out in our Design Studio – we can then supply a cutter guide for you to create your own artwork, or alternatively we can work from your brief to create the artwork too. 

There are many easy ways to ensure you get the most from your bottle box, we can help with guidance on materials, decorative finishes and design structure. 

Most of all, we can produce these boxes on a short run basis, so if you are looking for artisan production or shorter production run – we can handle it. 

All of our boxes use premium single sided folding boxboard – up to 650micron, our print is carried out in-house as well as die cutting and gluing.

The most useful tool will be our experience and expertise, but if you are thinking about your gin bottle boxes, consider some of these common themes which will have an impact on the final product.

  1. Materials, weight, whiteness. thickness.
  2. Which side of the material fits your brand? (Coated or uncoated)
  3. Will you need an extra insert to add strength to the bottle box?
  4. Base – tuck in? Crashlock? Envelope base? Which suites your gin bottle?
  5. Lid – reverse tuck in? Security enclosure
  6. Fitment – Does your bottle need additional fitments to hold it in place?

If you need some advice or support on how best to tackle these questions please contact us using the contact form below.