Packaging Board – New Supplies!

by | 28 Jul, 2022

Nearly at the 18-month milestone of packaging board shortages, we have started to see a little light at the end of the tunnel. 

The easing of the shortages is slight but we have been successful in securing a supply of a new board that we haven’t had access to previously. Zenith is a very rigid sheet with great cutting and creasing properties and after multiple tests, we have gone into live production with it.

It comes at a cost (Mostly the transport) but at the same time, it is a stable hi-performance sheet that currently is readily available!


Available in a good range of sizes and calipers we have seen great results to date so if you have a project coming up please do ask us when sending over the inquiry about this sheet!


  • Carton Board – fully coated folding boxboard with a coated white back (GC1)
  • ​Aesthetically pleasing with a 94 brightness coating and a double coating top side and single coating back side
  • Aimed primarily at the luxury cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, greeting cards and higher quality packaging and graphical applications
  • Zenith is suitable for all types of printing, varnish & film lamination
  • PEFC certified