Packaging Design

by | 15 Nov, 2018

How should you package your product?

This of course is subjective but having a clear idea of your packaging design is the core of the process. This isn’t the artwork, the graphic design but the mechanics of how the box or sleeve etc. will fit around your product and ensure safe passage for your product to the point of sale. 

There is still a consideration for the marketing element – because of course the packaging design and the packaging artwork will work in tandem.

There are several different aspects you need to consider when packaging your product, as an example you would normally look for you answers to these questions:


  • Will this product need primary and secondary packaging?
  • Am I looking for the highest quality or most cost effective option?
  • Will the contents require a corrugated box or insert?
  • What type of fastening/closure is most suitable for my product?
  • Can my product fit to the shape of a packaging or will it need fitments to secure it?
  • Do I need a window or aperture to display the contents?
  • How strong will the packaging need to be?


This is a starting point and once you have made decisions on these you can start put together some ideas on the size and shape of your packaging design.

This is where things can get a bit Blue Peter! You can achieve so much by making your own sample up by hand, creating a concept of what you want your box or packaging to look like it is far easier to approach a supplier with a specification for a quote.

Here at we can help for a minimal cost to help get you moving, plus can provide samples of the correct material using our sampling machine

From this Blue Peter effort we can advise on the mechanics of the packaging design and create a cutter guide. Which then gives the framework to which you can begin the graphic design.

You may find out glossary of terms helpful when discussing different options with suppliers, alternatively we can arrange to consult with you on your needs and take some of the headache out of the process for you.