The Packaging Process – How is it Made?

by | 8 Dec, 2018

As part of our guide to custom printed packaging we will firstly look at the packaging process, so you can understand the process behind creating a box for your product!

The process involved in creating your custom printed packaging is almost identical whether a box for vape liquid bottles or a sleeve for a machine tool.

We follow a strict development process to ensure your printed box fulfils the criteria for marketing, containing and protecting your product.

The stages in the packaging Process are:


  1. Packaging Design – The cardboard engineering of the box/sleeve/header card.
  2. Graphic Design – Creating the marketing message and branding that fits your company and the product.
  3. Printing the flat sheets, either litho or digital to print the flat boxes.
  4. Conversion into box blanks, cut to shape and creased.
  5. Gluing Process – Folding the blanks applying the glue and pressing closed.
  6. RQC – Our Remous Quality Control System is working throughout the process 
  7. Despatch for delivery or Warehousing

Packaging Design

This first stage is all about the cardboard engineering of your custom packaging, and for this we will generally require your product in hand to fit the box or sleeve around it. We have both the design facility in-house and the expertise. Once the packaging design has been created we are able to prove the concept on our sampling machine.

Graphic design

Now we have an approved concept for the custom printed packaging we move on to the graphic design process. Our team of designers work from your brief to create the artwork that fits to the box design, based on the ‘cutter guide’ step one created. We also make sure the packaging well represents your branding as this is an important part of the process! 


We have both litho and digital print in-house, depending on quantities and materials we will select the most appropriate process for your needs. In general most products are litho printed using our ‘Lightcure’ process where ink is cured onto the sheet instantly – which delivers brighter, punchier colour especially on uncoated boards.


Also known as die cutting or punching, we take the cutter guide from stage one, manufacture a cutting form and die cut the box blanks – this cuts them to shape and introduces the creases ready for folding.

Gluing Process

We hold our own in-house gluing line, this utilises hot glue and takes the flat blanks that are cut to shape, applies a bead of hot glue, plough folds and seals the seam. This then delivers the flat packed boxes ready for RQC and packing in outer boxes.

Quality Control

RQC is Remous Quality Control which is a checking framework developed in-house by our team. Based around a Kaizen philosophy we carry out checks throughout the production process to keep any manufacturing faults to an absolute minimum.

Despatch or Warehouse

Once complete Delivery will be made either by our own van or courier, we also have the option of warehousing and stock control. If you are short of space we have a finite storage facility and online portal where you can call off stock as and when required for delivery to your door.