Packaging Inventory Management- How can we Help you?

by | 16 Jan, 2019

There is a way to manage your packaging inventory – We have a solution where by you can store your boxes with us and we create stock product(s) in our online portal for you. 

You can simply log in and call off stock as and when you please via our online portal There is a cost associated with that but at the same time there is a convenience especially if you have limited space for storage. If you would like to see some more information about our online portal for packaging management, please watch the embedded video below. 


You are also able to see in seconds what you have in stock, this portal can also offer conventional printing services to help market your business.

The stock control service is free of charge when you book a storage area with us.


Smart Factory Development Underway!

Some exciting news for this year is our new Production Facility – We have been in negotiations on and off for nearly six years for the perfect site for the Remous group that encompasses Short Run Packaging. 

You may be aware that during the last 4-5 years we have grown our premises which were built by Graham Bunter back in 1985, and we are currently operating across three sites. 

Despite VPNs central servers and shared systems it will never achieve the efficient flow we aspire to achieve and thus the search began to find a more suitable site.

The development land became available some years ago but was subject to various approvals, caveats and certain required infrastructure fulfillments. These challenges were overcome this summer and in November we finally became the proud owners of the new site and achieved planning approval at effectively the same time. 

The plans for the factory are now complete and development of the site is officially underway. This has given us a great opportunity to invest in the future but will also allow us to further develop workflows to deliver greater efficiency which ultimately generate shorter lead times and savings for our clients.

These production flows will also dovetail perfectly with our Remous Quality Control initiative– with team meetings around production flow to get valuable input from each and every team member.

The ’Smart factory’ term relates to the access to data throughout the shop floor with your orders being updated at each process – it is a concept we are developing to encompass RQC, Workflows, IT and print technology.

Completion is targeted for October 2019 – at which point the big move begins!

We will of course keep you updated, with regular posts on social media throughout the build.