Primary and Secondary Packaging Explained

by | 22 Nov, 2020

In this blog post as part of our guide to custom printed packaging we will explain the difference between primary and secondary packaging and why some products will encounter this two step method to packaging. 

It may seem self explanatory regarding primary and secondary packaging, but there is a little more to it than that.

Primary Packaging relates to the packaging of the product in the first instance, this becomes particularly pertinent when working with food packaging. Primary packaging for food stuff’s have to meet particular regulations and standards to avoid/minimise chemical migration. These have to be produced in a clean environment and is normally carried out with specialist materials, inks (Where required) as well as various other things. 

Primary packaging for food is not currently a service we can offer.

Secondary Packaging is generally where the marketing opportunities become more prominent for your product.

Secondary packaging has two main functions:

  1. To protect and contain the product when in a retail environment.
  2. Market the benefits of your product to get the ‘grab factor’ from potential buyers.

 The protection of your product, ensuring a snug fit and appropriate materials are used is part of the packaging design process where the box is designed around your product.

The above photo taken from our factory shows two examples of biscuit boxes we have produced in the past. As you will be able to imagine, the biscuits will almost certainly be wrapped in a plastic primary packaging. This will then be housed by this card secondary packaging produced by us, which will in turn protect the product as well as enable better branding and marketing opportunities. 

The Marketing element is the first step in the sales process of your product. This is why you would invest in custom printed packaging rather than a generic box as this gives you the opportunity to create a design that delivers the marketing message to a potential buyer when your product is sat on the shelf next to your competitors.

We have a team of Graphic Designers able to translate your ideas and marketing message onto the custom printed packaging for you.