Which Packaging – Paper of Plastic?

by | 22 Oct, 2020

Packaging is undeniably important. But which should you choose? Paper or Plastic. This very brief guide will display some research into several reasons why you should consider choosing paper packaging as appose to plastic packaging. 

It is Preferred by Consumers

A study conducted by billerudkörsnas found that customers would pay more for packaging that is sustainable or has sustainable benefits!

The study was carried out across many cities in the world and the key finding was that 72% of those questioned were in fact willing to pay more for sustainability.

Does that you mean you must invest £1000s in the latest, cutting-edge, recyclable packaging material? Not in the slightest!

Paper is easily recycled and if it’s preferred by consumers then it must be worth at least some consideration. Always remember to have the customer front and centre when making such decisions, as it could make a difference!

Environmental Impact

The most obvious reason for choosing paper packaging over plastic would of course be the environmental impact. Some 13 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans each year, and can be attributed to 100 million marine animal deaths due to digestion or suffocation.

The extraction, refinement and shaping of oil adds to the increasing global temperature and rising sea levels. And unlike a paper bag that takes 2-5 months to decompose, a plastic bag can take up to 400 years! It really is the time to take action and start thinking green.

Feasibility and Flexibility

Another key thing to consider would be the feasibility and flexibility of paper packaging. It is incredibly easy to print on and therefore can display branding and information which is vital during the customer’s decision stage of product purchasing.

It can also be coated, moulded, glued and folded in countless ways to give your product the unique housing it deserves. Such processes are much more difficult to achieve when dealing with plastic packaging.

I hope you have found this brief guide informative and helpful in coming closer toward a decision with regards to choosing the right packaging material for your product. If you would like to increase the sustainability of your packaging and in turn win over more clients please click below.