Vape Boxes and Packaging – All you need to know

by | 31 Jul, 2017

The UK has seen incredible growth in the e-cigarette or vaping marketplace. Vaping has lost the stigma it used to have, according to a recent survey an estimated 2.9 million adults vape in the UK alone (Taken from report) which has created exponential growth in the vaping industry.

Looking at vaping form a print perspective we have adapted our production procedures, calibrations and process to enable a reliable Vape Packaging Service.

So what are the basic requirements for Vape boxes and packaging in the UK at the moment? Please see below for a list of the challenges that you may face when buying packaging for your vape liquids, these have come about from us learning he hard way! We have developed a workflow which enables us to deliver a reliable and consistent vape packaging service every day.

  1. Setup Costs – Vaping boxes are very small with tight tolerances, this means special tooling required and high initial costs. We now have a suite of cutting formes for vape bottles ready for product saving you the cost of tooling  (Bespoke size can still be produced to your specification though)
  2. Range of quantities – Vaping by nature offers consumers a wide range of choice, so you as a manufacturer will enjoy the development of many different flavours, thus you may want different quantities – from 100 to 10,000. This will require different forms of print technology, both digital and litho, we have both in-house and our experience has come from honing the machine setup to deliver the best quality available at competitive prices for large and small quantities
  3. Graphic Design – With so many flavours there can be confusion and heavy design costs, this requires attention to detail and understanding of the vape market. We have a full in house design team to help with both the branding and the detail of creating the various different flavours. Larger manufacturers may wish to consider our online portal where each box can be setup as a product and ordered online at your leisure.        
  4. Technical Knowledge – With such small boxes, vape packaging present their own unique challenges, from splitting boxes, to glueing every step of the way they can be challenge to the most experienced of packaging companies.Our in-house production team have been through all the pain already! Developing specific processes we use to create your branded vape boxes we know and understand the pitfalls and have developed our own workflow to minimise and irradiate those challenges – effectively you can utilise our experience so you dont have to go through these same challenges.

Hopefully these four highlights can give you some insight into the challenges and ensure you don’t encounter the challenges in the marketplace. Vaping has grown in to a massive industry and no doubt one full of opportunity for vaping manufacturers, resellers and entrepreneurs alike.

Here at we are always keen to assist and support the businesses keen to move forward and vaping is one such market in which we have both learned a lot and specialised in. If you would like to discuss your vape packaging or boxes please call us on 01963 250920 or email Alan.