Video – Starting with Bespoke Printed Packaging

by | 15 Feb, 2016

A beginner’s guide…

Sometimes starting out with a product and trying to figure out how to create bespoke packaging for it can be a very daunting task.

Rest assured we are able to help you with this process, but a simple guide will always to be starting with the end in mind.

If you have the concept of how you want the product to be presented to potential buyers in a retail environment, work back from that.

Bespoke printed packaging can both ensure the product integrity but also generate and increase sales revenue if correctly marketed.

The cardboard engineering can be created by most discerning packaging experts, but combining this with both eye-catching point of sale design and creating it for a cost effective price is more of a challenge. To give you a quick insight we created this video via our sister company Remous Print to give you a feel for the process involved, it is a few years old but relevant as ever.

Selection of construction, materials and processes should all be covered by your packaging provider but quite often assumptions are made which can mean your packaging falls short of expectations. Once you have selected and engaged a bespoke printed packing manufacturer you should be able to request a plain card mock up one the box, these are often hand made but give you a feel for the packaging in your hands. Check out our video to find out more!

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